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Oxygen Refill Reed Dıffusers 500 ml

Oxygen Refill Reed Dıffusers 500 ml



  • Notes

    Oxygen scent has a fresh mixture that you can use comfortably in all environments. High notes of lilac, pine and lemon peel, middle and lower notes of white rose, sandalwood and blackcurrant essence, this sweet fragrance will create a beautiful ambiance for you in any environment.

  • Scent info

    It is a decorative product that emits a pleasant and good smell in your home and office environment. If you use our scents with sticks, they last between 4 and 6 months on average. The duration of our fragrances may vary depending on the environment they are in.

  • Usage Detail

    You can procure the product and pour it into the 120 ml glass container you have, if you want, you can use the version with 4 jumbo sticks to provide effective scenting in an area of ​​0-100 m2.

    After taking the product out of the box, remove the cap. Place the special sticks in the box into the bottle. Allow 12 hours for the sticks to absorb the scent and spread throughout the environment. We recommend that you turn the sticks inside out once a week. Do not burn sticks. Do not reinsert the stopper after opening. When turning the sticks upside down, be careful that the liquid does not get on the wooden surfaces.

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