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    By placing a tea light candle from the bottom of your SCENTMEGA censer and adding 2-3 drops of water and essential oil that you feel will be good for you to its deep bowl, you can scent your environment, increase the energy of your home, workplace and yourself.

    With your order, 1 piece of 10 ml fragrance is our gift. Please indicate your choice in the notes section. *

    Censer Usage Information:

    1-Fill the upper chamber of the censer with room temperature or hot water.

    2- Place our tealight candle in the lower chamber and light it.

    3- Drop 2-3 drops of your preferred essential oils into the upper chamber for every 10 m2.

    4- Place the upper chamber on the candle compartment.

    5-Never add cold water to the chamber if the water in the censer has run out and the candle continues to burn. Sudden temperature changes can cause cracks on the surface of the ceramic. In case of cracks, you can continue to use your censer as long as there is no leakage. If you don't want to smell your environment again, blow out the candle when the water in the upper chamber runs out.

    6- Do not move the censer and move it while your candle is still burning.

    7- For your safety, do not use candles whose content is not clear and which is very irritating.

    8- Wash your censer with hot water and a natural soap after use.

    9 – Do not leave your burning censer unattended near your children and pets.

    3 tealights are provided free of charge with all censers.*

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